My Better is Better than Your Better.

Hello there, friend. Female. 20. Portland, OR. Whatever it is, I'd rather be reading. Fucking dorky, anime/manga nerd, artist that is going blind. I post about things I like and/or find interesting. A lot of it is NSFW. I also enjoy really bad jokes and puns.


Sorry, my webcam sucks, and I draw really light when my pictures are starting out. Also the pictures were taken at weird angles. I need a real camera, fuck.

I’ve been in a horrible are funk lately, because my style has changed, but I haven’t drawn and changed with it. It used to be very anime, and now it’s slowly drifting away towards a more comic/western style. I feel the change suits me though, because it still has a bit of my anime roots.

Anyways, first three rough pictures are of some elves/fey/idek. Some regal fantasy family.

Last picture is the second doodle of Sherlock and John I’ve ever done. Sherlock’s eyes got fucked, but the webcam actually makes it look fine, haha.

John is really fucking hard for me to draw. Sherlock feels so much easier. I think it’s John’s hair. Idfk. I’m just excited my art funk seems to be going away.

I’ll try to develop my style even more from now on. Feed back? Sorry the pencil looks so light.

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